I attended the San Diego presentation from HealthBox tonight at Qualcomm. I for one really appreciate what they are doing. I am sure that the first round will be a little learning opportunity for them to figure out the right model. It seems that they are doubting making companies move to Chicago for 3 months. I think it would be a mistake to give that requirement up. This is from a San Diego based company that would have to go to HealthBox at Chicago in January.... But there is something to living in the area and in being there with the contacts etc... that will be missed if they drop the requirement.

See, part of the accelerator is about the connections that you would make as part of being in the program. The other thing is the network effect of having 10 startups working together and brainstorming on solutions. That will be interesting and while it might not have immediate effects, for sure the collaboration will occur because the companies work closely. 

I am not as familiar with Sandbox so if anyone has more info on them, please shoot me an email.


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