RSNA Mobile App


I downloaded the RSNA mobile app in preparation for the Annual Meeting in Chicago. Here is my quick review.

Search Program: Well, the 'Text' doesn't allow me to actually enter text on my Android touch screen phone. This means I can only filter by date and session type. FAIL.

What's Happening Now. Seems like a great feature while I am there to know where to go and what is going on right now.WIN (TBD)

Search Exhibitors: Same problem with all searches, apparently not able to actually search by typing key words. So as long as you know in which state Toshiba is, and what category to search you are good :(. FAIL.

While You're Here: This may be the most helpful piece of the app. Giving some helpful hints about where to go and what eating options etc... Missing some important components, such as a map of the McCormick Plaza. WIN (ish)

What good is the google map in the app if you can't zoom in, find directions? Basically just tells you that McCormick is in Chicago. FAIL.

Feels like RSNA was so proud of having a mobile app that they didn't stop to think about how they could use the app to enhance the experience at RSNA. They just replicated the online content. How about a map of McCormick Plaza and GPS of where you are- type in a booth or other location and get directions to where you want to go. 

I recommend downloading it, but don't have too high expectations.



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