In October I attended the Start-Up Weekend #3 here in San Diego. It is a 54 hour event where people come together to build a product ro a company over a weekend. It is a fun time to network and to meet some very talented people. The project that I worked on was hen health ( There is a Medicare Challenge to create an online/digital solution for the discharge process. Right now the majority of checklists upon discharge are done on printed copies. Medicare believes that having an online version that can be shared with subsequent care providers and family can reduce the number of readmissions.

Over one weekend the hen health team pulled together the site and the software. I was surprised and amazed at the amount of progress in such a short time. Medicare will close the contest later this month.

Log-on and check out what can be done with an amazing team in such a short time. Check out the site- and get super secret access: Use the user name 'provider' and 'patient' (no passwords for both) and check out what the respective users would see. 


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