Recent Analysis


Wanted to share a quick customer experience with you:

Recently Bern Medical analyzed the billing data for a company with 12 different MRI locations in the Midwest. The client uses a very popular and well respected billing company. Bern performed its analysis for the past 12 months, from January 2011 to December 2011. Bern discovered a very effective process but that the billing company had missed charges on particular days and then continued capturing all charges again. For example, for 3 days March 3, April 13 and October 6, 2011 nearly 150 MRI exams were never billed spanning across all locations. For all 12 months Bern discovered and verified 1% of annual volume was never billed. The client then processed through normal billing channels the missed charges. 

Bern's analysis allowed the MRI center to collect on $140k ($300k gross) of missed revenue opportunities.


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