Something Ventured


I just finished watching the movie "Something Ventured" a documentary of venture capitalists in Silicon Valley. It has caused me to stop and think about what we are doing with Bern Medical.

I want to create a company that merges business and technology. I believe that the specialties that most people have today in their careers does not equip them to respond well to things outside of that domain. Accountants and business people have a tough time tracking and seeing technological innovations. They have a tough time understanding technology, its uses, its pitfalls and the people that specialize in technology. People that specialize in technology don't get business people. They find them as demanding, don't know what they want, and often ignorant.

We have been using technology to help make our jobs easier. But we know there is still more that we can do. But now, as we collect more data, for example, there are great opportunities to perform better. We can use technology to understand the data and improve. We can always use technology for constant improvement. There will be no end to the improvements that we can make in using technology. Each step in technology will provide for more improvements and can touch all aspects of life. 

I don't want to necessarily develop new technology. Because there are people that are better at that. I can take the existing technology and use it to help make improvements. We can use markets to vet out good technology, apply it to new uses, apply it to industries where they can benefit but for which it was not developed. 


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