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The Lean Analytics Cycle is a simple, four-step process that shows you how to improve a part of your business.

First, you figure out what you want to improve; then you create an experiment; then you run the experiment; then you measure the results and decide what to do.

The cycle combines concepts from the world of Lean Startup — which is all about continuous, iterative improvement — with analytics fundamentals. It helps you to amplify what’s proven to work, throw away what isn’t, and tweak the goal-posts when data indicates that they may be in the wrong place.

  1. Figure out what to improve
  2. Form a hypothesis
  3. Create the experiment
  4. Measure performance and decide what to do



04/17/2013 12:11

This is an interesting blog. Its hard to put all of these posts in one category but I've found them all worth a read. Analytics is becoming more and more prevalent in so many industries.

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