One open source software profiled at SIIM 2013 is ANCR. ANCR enables automated graded notification of referring providers when results from imaging exams are deemed critical or unexpected by a radiologist at the time of interpretation. Additionally, it provides a mechanism for secure web-enabled acknowledgement of the alerts.
Cool functionality relates to the process of tracking unacknowledged alerts.
  • All unacknowledged alerts are visible on the ANCR dashboard for referring and radiologist providers as well as for the clinical administrator
  • If a red/orange alert is not acknowledged
    • The radiologist gets automatically paged
      • 1 hour for red alerts, 3 hours for orange alerts after an alert is created
      • Each overdue alert creates a paging event
  • If a yellow alert is not acknowledged and is past due
    • Both radiologist and referring MD get daily email reminders (one reminder a day for all overdue alerts)

See below an overview of the workflow.
The Software can be downloaded and installed: Public Domain Software ANCR Installer
Here are the instructions in PDF:  Public Domain Deployment Instructions 


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