Today the article I wrote "If you wouldn't do your job for free, then quit" appeared on

It is always rewarding to see people interact with your ideas. I like seeing the positive and negative feedback when they are well thought out. Or funny. Some of the highlights after the release of the article are Tom the founder of Myspace tweeting the article and Daniel Pink the author of "Drive". I sent Daniel the link to review the article because I highly respect him and the analysis that he has done. I cannot recommend "Drive" highly enough. 

My favorite comment has to be from Seeräuber Jenny 
"I know this may sound petty, but I've never heard anyone who went to the school in New Haven call it "Yale Law." It's always "Yale Law School." The failure to pick up on small distinctions like this, like mispronouncing a name, or calling someone by a nickname s/he doesn't use, instantly makes me skeptical."

The beauty of the Interwebs is the ability to be able to learn from other people and share information. I definitely didn't attend Yale Law (School) so I don't know the correct way to reference the school. I did visit the campus once, though. I find the skepticism in the entire story due to my ignorance interesting. But I can assure you that everything in that story was true. Maybe except for me being the best soccer player on my teams. But, that is the way I like to remember it.


08/25/2011 18:40

Loved your article in Lifehacker today. Apparently so did the 300+ people who have "liked" it so far. You've also had some insightful comments. Well done!
P.S. We are San Diego neighbors...and I suspect you are a polymath like me. I'd like to perhaps interview you for my blog. please drop a line!

08/25/2011 23:51

So the name should really be Yale Law School's Law?

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