This will totally screw up my SEO I am sure. But as a general rule I don't accept linkedin requests from people I don't know (especially Facebook friends, too) But I do make exceptions sometimes and I do invite people that I would like to be connected to as well. This is a good reason not to accept requests from random people. Got this message today. Maybe this isn't too weird and I am just ignorant when it comes to the astrology as a profession. 

Astrology as a profession in and from India (doemstic and global market)
Hi David - My wife "Susie" wants to start up Astrology professionally. We are based out of India (Calcutta) and I am an executive with IBM with global clientele. That gives us the advantage of being in contact with educated, modern and globally-aware crowd in India. 
My wife can spend at least 8 hours day, spread between day-time India time and in the evening when the western world is active. And over the last few months she has picked significant knowledge to do consulting in astrology. 

That was a brief background and can speak more if you wish to. 
Wished to ask you - if you can give some leads/tips on how to start up/succeed on Astrology as a profession -with a combination of face to face consulting domestic in India and online for a global clientele. 

Thanks and will look to your response. Have a good day. 


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