Last week I bought my tickets and booked travel arrangements for RSNA in Chicago later this month. (I still don't know why Chicago during the last week in November- oh well at least I come home to San Diego) In preparation for the week in Chicago I reviewed all of the 714 technical exhibits' websites so that I would be prepared on what is there. 

It did take more time than I expected- but I realized in doing so how many exhibits there will be there. I don't think that there is any way to be able to go and visit all of them. 714 exhibits * 5 minutes each exhibit = 3,570 minutes = 60 Hours. I categorized each of them according to service/product. This way I can prioritize my time in Chicago to the exhibits and companies that will have the largest impact on Bern. Of course in sales terms everyone at RSNA for Bern is either a prospect or a referrer. What we do is in a way generic and can be applied to any imaging process- since the data set and flow are similar from any one company to the next. 

There were some truly stand out companies that I came across and I reached out to them to be able to set something up before the annual meeting. I will be sure to document the RSNA trip and ideally would write a blog post daily on the trip.


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